Saturday, January 14, 2023

485. Proper 13 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday (July 31-Aug. 6) are Ecclesiastes 1:2 skipping to 12-14 skipping to 2:18-26 (sheesh), Colossians 3:1-11 and Luke 12:13-21. The tune is AUS DER TIEFE (a.k.a. HEINLEIN), attributed to Martin Herbst, from a Nürnberg Gesangbuch of 1676. CSB paired it with "God of mercy! God of grace," and "Jesus, Savior, Son of God," while ELHB used it for "Sinners, turn; why will ye die" and TLH with "Thou who roll'st the year around."

Vanity of vanities!
Though one works or takes his ease,
Death his takings will rescind;
All is striving after wind.

As the fool, replete with grain,
Planned his treasure-house in vain,
So is he who wealth desires
When the Lord his soul requires.

Toil no more, vain things to hoard!
Lay up, rather, with the Lord
Precious, everlasting, true
Riches none can take from you.

Bathed in Christ, receive His name;
Bear His Spirit's cleansing flame;
Grow the comfort that you need
From His gospel's lively seed.

Eat of Christ, who died for sin;
Drink, that He may flow within.
Die with Him and live anew,
By the life He lives in you.

Christ, on whom the wise soul leans,
Pledges meaning to His means.
Eat and drink; yea, toil or sleep,
You, His treasure, He will keep.

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