Sunday, January 15, 2023

486. Proper 16 (Series C)

Yeah, I decided after all that I would split up the Hebrews 11 hymn I wrote back here and spread it across two pages for Propers 14 (Aug. 7-13) and 15 (Aug. 14-20), since Hebrews 11:1-12:3 is divided between the Epistle lessons for those two Sundays. Moving on, the lessons for this Sunday (Aug. 21-27) are Isaiah 66:18-23, Hebrews 12:4-24 (25-29 optional) and Luke 13:22-30. The tune is HERR GOTT, NUN SCHLEUSS DEN HIMMEL AUF, from a Weissenfels hymnal of 1714, which I actually cribbed from the critical aparatus of an Urtext edition of J.S. Bach's Orgelbüchlein, figured-bass transcription and all (albeit tranposed down a full-step). That's nothin'; I was initially planning on using a tune that I would have had to transpose down a perfect fourth, until I decided that I hated the piece after all and went with this very impressive number instead.

The Lord's reproof do not despise,
Nor, children, be downhearted!
Those who are precious in His eyes
His chast'ning rod has started.
Though it may pain you,
It is to train you:
For so a father deals with sons.
If men on earth have checked us,
Shall heaven not correct us?

No chast'ning seems to bring good cheer,
When pain we now are feeling;
But later, peaceful gifts appear,
A righteous fruit revealing.
With brethren dealing,
Work for their healing,
Pursuing peace and holiness;
With caring heart and humble,
Watch lest your neighbor stumble.

For you have come not unto wrath,
Its fire and fury dreading,
But onto Jesus' narrow path,
To His new cosmos heading:
The heav'nly Zion,
Whose countless scions
Are sprinkled free of ev'ry stain;
Where Christ, His blood supplying,
The saints is justifying.

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