Monday, January 9, 2023

478. Proper 6 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday after Trinity (June 12-18) are 2 Samuel 11:26-12:14 (skipping 12:11-12), Galatians 2:15-21 skipping to 3:10-14 and Luke 7:36-8:3. The tune is DIE SONN HAT SICH (MIT IHREM GLANZ GEWENDET) by Guillaume Franc (1542), which the SELK hymnal paired with the hymn "Gott rufet noch. Sollt ich nicht endlich hören." I saw an "Alleluia" in the marble, despite its Dorian-mode solemnity, so I decided this would a good spot for it.

From David's sin concerning poor Uriah
To hers whom Simon scorned as a pariah,
Lord, You have been the God who pardons much:
Alleluia! The God who pardons much.

Could we but feel the weight that You have lifted
When for our sake You, Christ, were crushed and sifted,
We, too, Your feet would kiss and bathe with tears:
Alleluia! Would kiss and bathe with tears.

Open our eyes to see what You have given,
Our hearts to know how much we are forgiven,
Our lips and hands with fitting proofs of love:
Alleluia! With fitting proofs of love.

Keep far from us false virtue, haughty sneering;
Yet from despair lift us with mercies cheering.
By word and sign, impart to us Your peace:
Alleluia! Impart to us Your peace.

Such love, O Lord, You from our youth have shown us,
That at life's ebb You hardly will disown us.
Life's heirs through faith let us forever be:
Alleluia! Let us forever be.

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