Monday, March 12, 2007


This comes from a set of 4 sonnets, of which the other three were titled "Earth," "Air," and "Fire." Hmmm. This sonnet is drenched with the biblical imagery relating to water. My other "element" sonnets aren't religious.

When sprinkled on my face, it brought me life:
It bore me safe upon the sodden flood;
I bathed and laundered clean; it felt the knife,
And mingled with the offered victim’s blood.
It brought me drink to dry my burning throat,
And drowned the armies poised to bring me death;
It fed my inner root; it gave me growth;
Made clean my feet, my tongue, my hands, my breath.
A Shepherd led me there, yet it was He
I drank, and He who bathed me, Him the springs
Of life. Indeed, he washed my feet, and went
Up to the altar, where is His own death brings
That cleansing which to purchase He was sent;
And He by waters calm and pure leads me.

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