Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lenten hymns from my Treasury

Here are a couple of sample pages from a Treasury of Hymns I have been working on for some years. Appropriate to the season, I picked a 2-page spread from the "Lent & Passion" section of the book. The Treasury currently contains only tunes and words - well over 1,000 hymns and still growing. They are intended to reflect the best of Lutheran practice, including hymns from other traditions that are friendly to Lutheran spirituality. Click on the images to see larger versions.

A note on performance - a fermata ("bullseye") need not mean that you hold the note longer than its normal value. They are simply how I chose to indicate the final note of each "line" or "phrase" of melody. I borrowed this use of the fermata from J. S. Bach's chorale settings. In actual practice you can hold the note, sing right through it at tempo, pause after it for a breath or for dramatic effect, or whatever you deem appropriate to the text at any given point.

I hope I'm not infringing any copyrights here. I haven't gotten as far as compiling a copyright-info page.

Please pray that I will have the time & energy to complete this work. Or, if it isn't the type of work that can ever really be called complete, may I at least get it ready to be published! A couple more summers should do the trick, with the blessing.

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