Saturday, March 10, 2007

York Mints

Today's stupid food of the day: York Mints. The kind that come in a little round tin with a blue and silver design saying: "Indulgent mints dipped in dark chocolate with a mint shell," net weight 1.35 oz.

I decided to try this $1.99 confection as I was checking out of Target today. I paused outside the store, near a public trash can, to remove the plastic sleeve securing the lid. Then I tried and tried to prise the lid off. When it finally did come off, half the contents - a dollar's worth of candy - flew out of it and scattered all over the sidewalk.

I've opened the tin three times now. It has never been easy to do. It hasn't erupted with candy again, but that may be down to the fact that there's not as much candy to erupt. I'm not entirely gruntled. No one likes to feed $1.00 worth of fancy candy to the street sweepers. So, thanks to a tragic design flaw, a lot of candy lovers are probably only going to try York Mints once.

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