Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meeting of the Blogs

Last night, at a Symphony Chorus rehearsal, I learned that the gentleman singing next to me also blogs on arts and humanities. I agreed to add a link to his blog, but he did me one better and actually blogged about me! It's funny to see myself the way someone else sees me. My vanity was definitely gratified. Thanks, Michael!

I've been reading his blog, and I've found a lot of common ground there. I am especially intrigued by his analysis of John Adams' nativity oratorio El NiƱo. (Here, as a control sample, is my take on the same piece.) Michael's business is consulting with museums on how to "create interest" in their exhibits. His blog is a museum of the things he is interested in; as he put it to me last night, he writes about whatever he feels like. A blogger after my own heart!

Anyway, thanks for the plug, Michael. Back at you, brother!

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