Friday, November 9, 2007

Kitchens of India

I've been trying some Indian food that I found in the foreign foods section at my friendly neighborhood Schnuck's. The name of the brand is "Kitchens of India," and the attractive packaging claims that each variety is "a gourmet ready to eat signature dish created by the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels" and "authentic Indian cuisine - made in India." That's all very nice, but what I like about it is:

1. It tastes good - if you're into curry, that is. I am.

2. It comes in several varieties, including Rajma Masala (red kidney beans in a mild tomato-and-onion curry), Pav Bhaji (mashed vegetable saute in a zesty sauce), Pindi Chana (chickpeas in tomato curry), Dal Bukhara (black lentils ditto), and Palak Paneer (cottage cheese cubes in a spinach puree).

3. All you have to do to prepare it is heat the contents of a sealed pouch in the microwave or in a frying pan, or simply place the pouch in boiling water for a few minutes, cut it open, and pour it over flatbread, rice, or (my heterodox approach) cooked ramen noodles.

It's a lot of interesting flavor for very little trouble, and it doesn't cost a whole lot either.

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