Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures of my cats

Last week I dug out my old 35mm camera to take pictures of my cats and my apartment. I found a whole roll of film in the camera, fully exposed and rewound. I had no idea how long it had been in there or what was on the roll. So I set it aside and popped in a new roll of film. When I filled up a roll with snaps of cats and bookcases, I took both rolls down to Walgreen's for the one-hour photo treatment. I even paid a little extra to get a copy of the film on CD. Here are some cropped, levels-adjusted highlights.

At top, Sinead nestles in her nest between two bookcases in my bedroom.

Second from the top is a candid shot of Tyrone and Sinead exploring my unmade bed. (The fact that I use all those pillows shows what 2 years of sleeping on a 30-year-old twin bed, followed by 8 months on a futon, cost me. I never used to need more than one pillow.)

The picture at the bottom is an example of how cats can make the most vulgar things look dainty - butt-sniffing at its most balletic. Somewhere I have a snap of Lionel and Tyrone in a similar pose. Sigh...

The other roll of film turned out to be somewhat of a gruesome surprise. It was filled with pictures documenting a craft sale at my second parish, where I resigned as pastor at the end of January 2004. So I'm guessing those pictures have been there since late 2003. Almost four years! And what am I supposed to do with them now?

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