Friday, March 29, 2024

507. A Passion Prayer

Far be it from me to make common cause with the Jesuits, let alone the founder of their order, but a friend of mine posted Ignatius of Loyola's Anima Christi prayer on Facebook today (Good Friday) and it really struck me as a good prayer. It definitely shines amid the rough of the more recent work product of Jesuit liturgical poets. So, for what it's worth, here's a Good Friday meditation that expands on Ig's prayer, if he'll pardon the familiarity. As usual, at this writing I have no particular tune in mind.

O human Soul of God the Son,
Forever the Immortal One,
You deeply suffered here below
That I the bliss above may know;
As man for all man's sake were born;
By death from out Your flesh were torn.
As You are pure, so suffer me,
And likewise sanctified, to be.

O offered Body, made a curse
The rout of Adam to reverse,
Men looked on You whom they had pierced
And numbered You among the worst.
But now, O dearest frame and best,
So work all things that, ever blest,
I may dwell safely, fed and whole,
And all Your excellence extol.

O Blood shed by the Crucified
That all my debt has satisfied,
Now fill me, yea, beyond my need;
My heart inebriate indeed!
For sorrow, I that joy would share
Which overcomes all loss and care,
Freed from the poison of my sin,
Made for such wine a worthy skin.

O Water, flowing from Christ's heart,
Bathe me, that as one set apart
I may from death to life arise,
Unblemished in the Father's eyes.
Now I have died; I share His tomb;
With Him to life again I bloom;
I live in Him, and He in me,
Abiding to eternity.

O Passion of my Lord, give strength
Through all this valley's depth and length.
Good Jesus, hear my heartfelt groan,
Nor leave me helpless and alone.
Let me within Your nailprints hide
That, never sundered from Your side,
I'll lack no armor from the foe
But through all things unscathed will go.

O Lamb once slain who ever lives,
Who crown and life and Spirit gives,
At last disarm the grave's grim power;
Call me to You in my death's hour.
Bid me in Your assembly stand
To praise You in the promised land
Where, every cross left far behind,
Boundless refreshment I shall find.

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