Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tacky Hymns 1

I am pleased to introduce a new thread combining two of my favorite topics: "Tackiness on Holy Ground" and hymnody! To start it off, here is what may be the campiest hymn published in a major hymnal in the last century. My father has the book, I believe it is of a Mennonite persuasion, and here is how it actually looks on the page.

My theory is that some people actually enjoy singing stuff like this, because they are so distracted by the challenge of singing the tune that they don't notice how stupid the words are!


Marie N. said...

A quick glance at your title reminded me of "loud-boiling test tubes" (I think it is from Earth and All Stars, but if might be from something else I don't sing).

Those of us who can't read music notice the words!

RobbieFish said...

Ixnay! I was going to use that example for Tacky Hymns 2!