Tuesday, July 15, 2008


OLDER MAN: It's going to be just like eight years ago.

YOUNGER MAN: What is, Pop?

OLDER MAN: Your Aunt Pauline's fruitcake. "What is, Pop?" Can't you see I'm reading about the election?

YOUNGER MAN: I mean, in what way is it going to be like eight years ago?

OLDER MAN: Look at this rubbish. "Obama may be polling slightly ahead of McCain." He might be, he might not be; God knows the margarine for error is bigger than the difference.

YOUNGER MAN: I don't think that's right, Pop.

OLDER MAN: It's right here in the paper! It says so right here!

YOUNGER MAN: Whatever you say, Pop.

OLDER MAN: If you ask me, they're dreadlocked.

YOUNGER MAN: "Dreadlocked," Pop? I'm pretty sure that isn't right.

OLDER MAN: Look it up! You'll see! I speak great English!

YOUNGER MAN: Pop, a "dreadlock" means a tight braid of hair.

OLDER MAN: That's exactly what I'm saying! They're so close, it's like two strands of hair twisted together!

YOUNGER MAN: Whatever you say, Pop.

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