Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Brother Brain Farts

I have been shooting a lot of complaints to my computer's doctor lately. One of them had to do with Adobe update reminders continually popping up on my computer, when I thought we had just installed an updated version of all my Adobe software. Last Wednesday I asked if I should go ahead and download the update. Here is the Doc's enlightening reply:
Hold off for a day. Yesterday was "the 2nd Tuesday of the month" {Patch Tuewday} and Micro$oft and Adobe dumped a bunch of updates. SOME are probably needed, but usually some of the patches "break existing things" so on {Panic Thursday} they re-release the FIXED fixes, etc. Meanwhile, the hackers are analyzing the new patches (from Tuesday) to see what they are supposed to have fixed, and preparing attacks (which usually launch on the Thursday after the 2nd Tuesday). This happens every month. I'm still looking at the updates from Patch Tuesday and reading reports to see which are needed and which will be breaking things and which can be postponed.
Great. As if it isn't bad enough that the Orwellian nightmare of Big Brother is coming true, it has to be full of pain-in-the-neck glitches too.

Here is another piece of sublime poetry from my computer doctor, dated today, when (among other things) I whined about not being able to go online since last Wednesday - a situation that still forces me to blog (if at all) during a break at work.
The M$ patch on Tuesday broke many people's internet connection. I can help you with that easily when you get home today. [You] need to uninstall the "update" responsible.
Thanks again, Big Bro.

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