Sunday, July 6, 2008

Second Diner Parable

To what shall I compare the kingdom of God?

It is like a diner that served wholesome, nutritious food prepared with care. It continued to do so in spite of fierce competition. Competition such as the popular Junk Food Palace down the street; the cheap, spicy, verminous den of filth around the corner; and a weight-loss bistro a few blocks away, whose fancy cuisine had as much flavor as, and less nutritional value than, the linen paper the menu was printed on.

The chef and owners of the diner saw many of their regular customers changing loyalties toward the competition. Plus, new people in the neighborhood seemed drawn to the other restaurants by default, hardly noticing the homely little diner with the lovingly cooked food. Of their few loyal customers who remained, most said they did not know what they would do if the diner closed.

What should the partners in that diner do? Should they switch to serving food out of the same jar as their neighbors? If so, how shall they deal with the expectations of those who trust that diner's good name? And how shall they choose whether to serve high-, middle-, or low-class junk instead of the good food they used to serve?

Let him hear who has ears.

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