Saturday, May 9, 2015

Parable of the Software Update

To what shall I compare the kingdom of heaven?

It is like a software operating system whose manufacturer sent out regular updates to patch security problems. As users connected to the internet, their computers downloaded and installed new software to protect them from the threat of malicious programs. The need for these updates was endless, because hackers were always creating new ways to infiltrate people's computers, either to steal private data or simply to wreak havoc.

But some users opted out of the automatic updates because they were concerned about the installation tying up their machine when they were trying to use it. They also wanted to avoid the risk of glitches caused by mistakes in the software manufacturer's code. But mostly they just resented the company for being smug, controlling and anti-competitive.

So they refused to permit the patches to install on their system without their direct consent. And more often than not, they let the updates slide. They lost track of when new patches were coming out. Sometimes they went long periods without an update. And so one by one their computers were crashed by malware threats they were not protected from.

Let the one hear who has ears to hear.

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