Sunday, May 10, 2015

113. Rogate Hymn

Rogate is the mass for the fifth Sunday after Easter, or the sixth Sunday of Easter; however you slice it, it is the Sunday immediately before Ascension Day, which is the Thursday 40 days after Easter. The introit again is Psalm 66, like Jubilate, only with a portion of Isaiah 48:20 as its antiphon. The epistle is James 1:22-27; the gospel is John 16:23b-30.

I'm not sure why it's called Rogate. Some say it's because in the Gospel Jesus tells his disciples to "ask," but the Vulgate uses a different verb for "ask." I can only guess the name comes from a liturgical custom to emphasize prayer on this last Sunday before the Ascension. Since I've already written a hymn on prayer, I decided to base this hymn on Isaiah 48. Again, it could be sung to the chorale O DASS ICH TAUSEND.

Speak out with sounds of joyful singing;
Tell and proclaim this wondrous fact,
To earth's remotest corners flinging
News of the Lord's redeeming act,
Who lest His children suffer thirst
Caused water from the rock to burst.

Hear, all you people of God's choosing,
Who on His name, though falsely, vow;
Who when He calls, so oft refusing,
Turn iron necks and brazen brow:
Will not His mighty deeds prevail,
Snatch from your eyes the idol's veil?

What you have heard, will you declare it?
What you have seen, will you proclaim?
Yet greater news, could you but bear it,
Shines forth from God's refining flame:
Rebel that you are from the womb,
He acts to save you from your doom.

Listen to Him, all you elected!
He is I AM, the First and Last,
Who founded earth and heav'n erected,
Called them by name and they stood fast;
Gather and hear His mighty word,
Then go and tell what you have heard!

He who was present at creation,
With Father and with Spirit one,
Now sends abroad His full salvation,
Publicly witnessed, sealed and done;
In Christ your peace will, fresh and free,
Flow like a river to the sea.

EDIT: You could also sing this hymn to a tune I wrote in 2011 for a hymn by a respected fellow hymn writer named Mark Preus. I called it AMBERG, and here it is.

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