Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stuffy Nose Causes Sprained Ankle

Last night was not very restful for me. After trying without success to fall asleep for a couple hours, I decided my problem was nasal congestion. Having already taken a decongestant, I felt my only other course was to use a squeezable bottle of saline fluid for nasal irrigation. So I ran as much of this fluid through my head as I could stand, and then promptly had a brief but furious nosebleed.

I was sitting on the lid of the toilet, nursing my nosebleed with wads of facial tissue when my cat Tyrone, 13, hopped on the bathroom vanity and started toying with the soiled Kleenex. I didn't think that was a good idea, so I brushed him off the counter the same way I have done countless times. Only this time, he caught his right front paw in a drawer handle. The drawer came open, the cat fell awkwardly to the floor and when he got up to walk away, it was with a profound limp.


I was unsure whether he had broken the leg or sprained it. I didn't want to irritate him too much by handling it; and after all, I'm no veterinarian. So I let him sulk overnight, then took him to the vet first thing this morning. The doctor examined the paw, felt it all over, X-rayed it, and after a long anxious wait in an unnecessarily warm examination room I finally received the good news that it was only a sprain. Tyrone got an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug that should keep him comfortable for about 36 hours, and I got a bill for $109.

Because of a stuffy nose. It can only happen to me.

Also, after spending half the night awake while every sinus in my skull was filled with a stinging itch, I woke up to a constant flow of mucus that has not stopped yet. So I'm well punished, as usual.

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