Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My First Issue

Here is the lead photo on the front page of the Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, Morgan County Press of Stover, Mo. I took it. And I wrote or at least edited almost everything else on page one, and most non-advertising and non-sports-related items in the rest of the issue. Is that cool, or what?

So I became the editor of a weekly newspaper last Monday. That only gave me about half a news cycle to contribute to the next (Aug. 6) issue of the paper. A few photos I took got into the Versailles (Mo.) Leader-Statesman, which my father Robin Fish edits, and which is published by the same Vernon Publishing, Inc., that owns the Morgan County Press. A few more of my photos and a story or two got into the M. C. P., which I am learning to edit. Yes, kiddies! I work a few yards away from dear old Dad! I've even had to change my name to R.D. to cut confusion.

Today the first issue that I worked on from beginning to end went to press. I actually got to see it being printed and stuffed with advertising material. I helped put mailing labels on copies and prepare bundles for mailing. I rode along with a co-worker and learned all about delivering my paper to the stores and vending machines that carry it. And I got started on my second issue.

I was a little slow this first week. I trust that as I gain experience I will learn to work faster and get my stuff in before the deadline. As it worked out this week, the Monday noon bedtime for the Press was stretched to almost 5 p.m., and some of my co-workers in the layout and pre-press department had to stay a bit late. Oops.

But I'm feeling good. I managed to squeeze a feature article into this issue, as well as the first installment of my weekly editorial. And that's all besides news and photos. And I've got my next feature written. I have a lot to learn, but I think I might be able to do this. It's scary in fun way.

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