Monday, May 26, 2014

54. Commemoration Hymn

In Your name, Christ, we honor
Those servants, brave and true,
Who bore their nation's banner,
A righteous cause in view.
Protect what they defended
By faithful sacrifice,
And let them be commended
To peace and Paradise.

As You, from heaven mustered,
Were geared in manly birth,
By hardship never flustered
While garrisoned on earth,
They answered when their nation
Called them from town and field,
Trained hard, and stood their station,
Their people's pride and shield.

Your death in this world founded
A kingdom not of this;
Your rising shout resounded
In realms of blood-bought bliss.
Though lesser foes contested
These men of honor pure,
By grace let them be rested
Behind your bulwark sure.

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