Sunday, May 25, 2014

53. A Hymn in the Hour of Temptation

Christ, who was tempted as are we,
Yet who remains unstained by sin,
Our weakness view with sympathy;
Redeem us from the foe within!

Our self-approving pride enmesh
In cords of mercy; by Your rod
Subdue our willful, craven flesh;
Cast down our soul's devouring god!

Of sin and righteousness convict,
Yes, crush our stubborn hearts of stone;
From lusts and pleasures that addict
Free us, who hope in You alone.

Take out each day that stony heart,
And give us living flesh instead;
As for our blood's pale, poisoned part,
Infuse that which for us You shed.

Now sin and righteousness are sure:
The one because of unbelief;
The other since, to make us pure,
You bore our cross and came to grief.

Of judgment too the Spirit cries,
For fully judged is this world's lord;
With You sin's title o'er us dies,
With You we rise, revived, restored.

Lord, since You bore and gave so much
To save us from the tempter's power,
Brace us to bear the scourge's touch,
The cultured sneer, the trying hour.

Brace us indeed, nor ever leave
Us helpless, hopeless, or alone.
Be near us; help us to believe,
Till Your bright vision greets our own.

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