Tuesday, May 20, 2014

52. Trinity Hymn

God who is Father, God the Son—
The God who sends, God who is sent—
Leaves not his throne, yet also went—
Abided whole, was wholly spent—
Lends out His Spirit and is lent—
He is both Three and One.

One God we worship, never three:
Who for His creatures' sake, in love,
Came down while yet enthroned above;
Our form and flesh partaking of,
Received His own baptismal dove,
In whom baptized are we.

Impassible, He yet in pain
Received, and was, and also gave
The sacrifice our race to save.
Raised and arisen from the grave,
His Triune Name is fit to lave
His lambs from every stain.

Now He whose living Word has been
Since heaven's footings first were laid—
Indeed, by whom all things were made—
Who has such mighty works displayed,
And pledged Himself for us in trade—
Declares us clean from sin.

Dare we, then, doubt the Three in One?
He gave Himself a holy Name
And in it bore our guilt and shame;
Pledged life and pardon in the same;
Returned in triumph whence He came,
God's well beloved Son!

To Him and to the Father we
Raise hymn and prayer and liturgy,
While He feeds us abundantly,
His Spirit flowing constantly.
Thus Trinity and Unity
Resound eternally.

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