Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brozik & Sager Weinstein

The Government Manual for New Wizards
by Matthew David Brozik & Jacob Sager Weinstein
Recommended Age: 14+

For a good-natured laugh about witches and wizards, try this clever spoof of the fantasy genre. Designed to guide young people with newfound magical powers to schools and resources that can help them survive “wizardolescence,” it gives a broad sketch of such subjects as dealing with “the dead (Grateful and otherwise)” and eluding the grasp of He Who Must Not Be Named Melvin.

Along the way it offers witty commentary on different kinds of magical creatures, how to choose a witch doctor, zombie conversation starters, and the importance of paying magical taxes. It even includes a helpful government form for reporting “possibly significant prophecies.” And of course, it admits that “except by magic” is the exception to most of the rules in the book!

The same authors are behind The Government Manual for New Pirates and The Government Manual for New Superheroes, in case you are considering a variety of career options.

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