Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling harassed...

Yesterday, at work, I used my employer's PayPal account to purchase an item on eBay at my boss's request. I obsess about keeping a paper trail when I do things like this, so I immediately began putting confirmation emails into an archive folder for online purchases. By the end of the day, I was starting to feel harassed. Maybe it's silly of me, but when you have to keep records of seven (7) emails confirming one purchase, it can get pretty tedious.

First, PayPal sent me a receipt for my purchase. Second, via an eBay auto-response protocol, the eBay seller congratulated me for being the "winning buyer" of an auction item, though in fact I had purchased the item directly. Third, in another automatic response, the eBay seller thanked me for my payment. Fourth, PayPal notified me that my package was on its way. Fifth, eBay notified me that my purchase had been shipped. Sixth, the seller personally emailed me to acknowledge receipt of payment. And seventh, eBay sent an auto response on behalf of the seller indicating that the item had been shipped.

Realistically, I don't need all of these emails to cover my backside. Unrealistically, if I made many purchases this way, having to deal with seven responses to each item would be a nightmare. My Outlook would probably crash!


Libertas said...

Throw in a couple thousand Libertas comments and it probably would have.

RobbieFish said...

Luckily, I don't use Outlook for my personal email, only for work!