Tuesday, December 26, 2023

State Flags, You're Welcome (Part 3)

Wrapping up my proposed redesigns of various state flags of the U.S., which nobody asked me for ... here's where Oklahoma is currently at:
Not bad, but it could be better:
Possibly the absolute worst out of all 50 states' flags, here's Oregon on the "obvserse" (i.e. front) side:
It actually has this on the reverse side, and a good start might be just to go with this image on both sides:
Pennsylvania takes us back to the hackneyed theme of a state seal on a blue field:
Also just a start, but applying a lighter shade of blue (eyedroppered from the sky inside the shield):
South Dakota as is, with too much unnecessary verbiage:
South Dakota as could be, with the state motto visualized:
Vermont as is:

Vermont, with less chit-chat, less blue and a bit simpler:
Virginia, with the state's name boldly and unnecessarily spelled out:
And without:
Washington, with a state seal that pedantically tells you what it is:
And now without the painfully obvious:
Wisconsin, all obnoxious:
And now, only somewhat obnoxious, but still crying out for improvement:
And finally, West Virginia:
And again, without the painfully obvious:
Again, I'm just proposing a modest start toward making state flags start to act like flags. More could probably done, if these states took their symbolism back to the drawing board. Fewer blue fields, people! Less bold, block text spelling out what shouldn't have to be spelled out! And maybe fewer fiddly details that are hard to distinguish at a distance, or reproduce in a sixth-grader's hand with colored pencils on paper! Then we'd really be cooking, eh?

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