Friday, December 22, 2023

State Flags, You're Welcome (Part 2)

We resume with the existing flag of my most recent, former home state, Missouri:
... which could stand to be a little simpler, maybe like this:
Returning to the oft-whistled theme of a state seal-type illustration on a blue field, with a dead giveaway in block letters, is Montana's flag:
Now a little less on-the-nose (and not so lost in a sea of dark blue):
My sometime home state of Nebraska's flag is about as ugly as they come:
I've always fantasized about replacing that nondescript cameo with the silhouette depicted on Nebraska's state highway signs:
... which, with a little colorization, might look something like this:
Then there's New Hampshire, currently very forgettable and same-old, same-old:
... but potentially more striking, though it might make better sense if that land mass continued to the left:
In New Jersey, the situation is less dire, thanks to a more distinctive background color:
... but it could perhaps be improved by making the imagery easier to see from a distance:
In New York, the situation flies thus:
... but it could fly thus, a bit more simple and readily visible:
In my native state of Nevada, this flag doesn't need too much work:
How about this tiny tweak?
North Carolina is another one that overexplains, with too many dates and a dead giveaway "NC":
I'd like to keep that gold color in there, though. So, how about some rings?
North Dakota again is "one of those":
One way to improve it might be simply to cut the painfully obvious bit out:
Or, once again, you could start with the state highway sign silhouette:
... and go flat-out with it:
That's enough for Part 2. Part 3 to come yet, maybe after Christmas!

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