Sunday, June 21, 2020

273. Fathers Hymn

Here it is, right on schedule in a sense – today is Fathers' Day – yet also, a couple years behind the Mothers Hymn that, when I first rolled it out, was met with a comment saying that now I'd better do fathers. It's not so much that this topic eluded me as that I haven't added any new hymns to my collection-in-progress since February of last year. Perhaps this will help break the inertia that I've let that project fall into. Apparently, I've strayed by chance into a meter in which has never been done before, so I'm going to have to come up with an original tune for it ... more on that later.

Thou who all things needful didst,
God and Lord of our salvation,
And to call Thee Father bidst
All who offer supplication:
Bless the fathers in our midst;
Prosper their cross-sheltered station.

As we honor, Lord, Thy name,
Wherein they bade us be christened,
Now Thy Kingdom's goods we claim,
Whereof at their knees we listened;
Be Thy will done, here the same
As whereto their guidance glistened.

In our need, Lord, each day give
All a father would provide us.
Though we sin, Lord, yet forgive;
In a father's bosom hide us.
Lead us, Lord, that we may live,
Lest a vengeful tempter chide us.

Thus, dear God, Thou showest forth
What a father's love compriseth.
For such men of sterling worth,
Rank on rank of saints deviseth
Praise that echoes round the earth
And to highest heaven riseth.

EDIT: Here's the tune I quickly whipped up for this hymn, titled FATHERLY LOVE.

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