Friday, February 24, 2017

Ten Years and Blogging!

I almost forgot to note it, but as of this month - Feb. 13, to be exact - I've been writing this blog for 10 whole years. Here's my first post! I started this sucker one day when I was snowed out of work. And just think, I've moved three times since then (will soon move a fourth time), said farewell to two feline friends and hello to two more, changed jobs (gulp) six times - maybe seven or eight, if you count being reassigned within the same company - switched church bodies a couple times, published a book of more than 200 original hymns, and experienced a lot of music, movies, and especially books (like, at least a thousand of them, probably).

I hope there will be great things to report during my next 10 years of creative endeavor and cat-hair-coatd bookishness!

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