Tuesday, October 13, 2015

141. Hymn for the 5th Sunday after Trinity

The Epistle for this service is 1 Peter 3:8-15, ending with the words "but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts." The Gospel is Luke 5:1-11, the great catch of fish. The tune is WOHLAUF, DIE IHR HUNGRIG SEID, from a Bohemian Brethren hymnal of 1561.
Christ, whose pulpit was a boat
Full of strong men but empty of fish,
Dare we spurn the instruments You wish
Whereby Your aims to promote?

You said, "Launch out to the deep!"
Simon, perplexed, yet did as You bade.
Shall we, therefore, ever be dismayed
When faith requires us to leap?

You told them, "Let down your net!"
Tired and bemused, they did as You told,
Catching more fish than two boats could hold;
Can we this wonder forget?

Simon, kneeling, cried in dread:
"Go, Lord! Nor touch a sinner like me!"
You said, "Fear not; for you soon will be
Fishing for people instead!"

When our nets are empty, Lord,
When reason seeks more rational means,
Teach us by the pattern of these scenes
To trust Your powerful word!

You send us to every land
To baptize them, Your precepts to teach;
We need nothing more nor less to reach
All those engraved on Your hand.

Fill us, Lord, with holy zeal
That we may suffer well and be blessed;
Till we join You in victorious rest,
Set on our spirits Your seal!

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