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Scratched and Dented 2

More of those "scratched and dented" hymns, salvaged and revised from my high school and college poetry album... Again, if you think these are bad, you should see what I originally wrote! I get the horrors when I think that I once submitted their original versions to a hymn selection committee. Maybe with a little rewriting, they can be of more use. (EDIT: Hymn numbers added)

65. The Child in Christ

Suffer every son and daughter
Unto Jesus Christ to come,
Born to him through word and water
That they may behold the Father
Through His sole begotten Son!

Only such as these can enter
Heaven's kingdom, safe from death.
Christ, faith's object and inventor,
Calls them to the cross, the center
Of their childlike love and faith.

Would, Lord, that we too might trust You
As the simple babe believes!
For in Christ by faith we must be
If we would before You just be
And the due of sons receive.

Would that You like babes would nurse us
With the pure milk of the word,
And in saving grace immerse us
Lest the enemy disperse us
From Your guiding hand, O Lord!

As a child clings to its father
Let us trust and follow ours;
As He loves us, love each other,
Every mother, sister, brother,
Trusting in His ample powers.

Oh what grace, that at His bidding
Even infants can believe!
Therefore it is good and fitting
Every little babe permitting
Grace baptismal to receive.

Children of the realm of heaven,
Let it be our first concern
That each child to Christ be given
And unto His cross be driven!
Suffer them to come and learn!

Every little one's formation
May we hold in high respect,
That each one may know salvation
And with joyful expectation
Meet the day of the elect!

66. Dilexi Quoniam (Psalm 116)

I love the Lord, for He has heard
My voice of supplication.
Hence I will call to Him in all,
In sorrow and elation.
The pains of death encircled me,
The flame of hell a certainty
Till He brought me salvation.

The Lord is just and holy, yet
His mercy lasts forever;
The sinner who repents and trusts
In Him will perish never.
The humble God preserves in love;
The hungry He provides enough.
His grace can fail me never!

Return, O heart, to rest, for God
Has kept my feet from falling,
My eyes from tears, my soul from death,
My limbs from chains enthralling.
In God I'll walk in yonder land
Where all who live in Him shall stand,
Nor pain nor tears recalling.

What can I render to the Lord
For Christ's redeeming treasure?
I take salvation's cup and sing
His mercies passing measure.
I am your servant, God, your saint;
From this bleak world at last to faint
Will be my fondest pleasure.

67. Burial Hymn

To earth we commend in grief our friend
Who from this dark world departs in peace;
Your Spirit, Lord, send, our heart to mend,
That in us despair may not have lease.

Of sin all men die; Lord, grant that I
May number my days and live for You.
When my time is nigh, to you I'll cry,
Relying on You to answer true.

In sin we were found, for torment bound,
Till Jesus' blood cleansed us in Your eyes;
Let praises abound, a hopeful sound,
For life but begins when this shell dies.

Low spirits, begone! A lamb is home,
In glory surrounded, free from pain.
Its course is now run, its labor done;
Safe in Jesus' arms will it remain.

Dear brothers take heart; soon we depart,
Dear sisters, to stand in perfect light.
The Lord will impart what Jesus bought
And free us from death's uncharted night.

To life was my Lord, I know, restored,
And soon all who died in Christ shall stand.
Fear not the grave's cord; trust in His word
That our flesh shall stand at His right hand.

Come, Lord, and console our hearts, and pull
Our spirits from vain and hopeless gloom:
For body and soul shall soon be whole,
Arising in triumph from the tomb.

68. Confitemini Domino (Psalm 118)

O give thanks unto the Lord;
Our good Master is He.
Let us sing with one accord
To His love, faithful, free.
When I called in sore vexation
He responded with salvation.
With such Advocate on high,
What can daunt in earth or sky?

Our strong refuge He remains
Though all fortresses fall.
While like bees swarm earthly pains,
In His name I rout all.
Though my sin to hell had pulled me,
Jesus rescued and consoled me,
Has become my Strength and Song,
My Salvation swift and strong.

Whose strong arm do we now praise?
God who valiantly wins!
In His Son is righteousness
Who was slain for my sins.
Praise the Lord, whose vict'ry freed me,
Who from death to life will lead me;
Though I feel His chastening rod,
I've found favor with my God.

Gates of justice, open wide!
Full of thanks, I come in!
Only those can here abide
Whom God clears of all sin.
I give thanks to you, dear Master,
Who have heard my prayer and answered;
You have stoppered up my tomb,
My Salvation have become.

What the Lord has done this day
Is in His scripture shown:
What the builders cast away
Is the chief Cornerstone.
We rejoice now in the Lord's day;
For salvation let us now pray.
Blest is He who is come forth
In the name of God the Lord!

From His temple we have praised
Christ the Lamb slain for us,
To redeem us bound and raised
On that altar, the Cross.
To my God, my Savior holy,
Praise and thanks I offer solely;
O give thanks unto the Lord
Whose love lasts forevermore!

69. Venite Hymn (Psalm 95)

Come, let us sing to the Lord God of Hosts,
To salvation's rock let us kneel;
Come, let us thankfully enter His courts,
And joyfully let anthems peal.

He is our God and great heavenly King,
Who made both the height and the deep;
His is the sea, and the dry land is His;
So come, bow at our Maker's feet.

He is our Shepherd and we are His folk,
The flock pastured under His hand;
Never forget His great glory and love,
Who holds up the sky, sea, and land.

70. Morning and Evening Prayers

Heavenly Father, as dawn spreads her light,
We thank You for Jesus' sake
That You have brought us by grace through the night,
Keeping us till we awake.
From sin and evil now graciously keep
Us, that we live to please You.
Guard us with angels till once more we sleep,
Satan's strong wiles to undo.

Merciful Lord, as the shades spread their length,
We thank You in Jesus' name
This day for keeping us from Satan's strength;
Pardon our sins in the same.
Likewise tonight shield us from his foul schemes;
O'er us cause angels to bend;
And should You call us from out earthly dreams,
Take us where day never ends.

71. Micah 7 Hymn

Let all the nations rage and roar,
Let vanity consume the horde;
But as for me, come drought or war,
I wait with hope upon the Lord.
I watch with firm unshaken eye
For Him who hears my faintest cry.

Do not so mock and jeer, O foe!
Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though darkness fill my dwelling so,
The Lord illuminates my eyes.
His Word is light unto my steps,
A light that no vain sage accepts.

Yet I will bear His rod, for I
Have sinned against Him day and night,
Until He pleads my case on high
And carries me with awesome might,
Acquitted, to His shining skies
Where I stand righteous in His eyes.

O Shepherd, tend us with Your power
And lead us to the promised land;
Defend us in the evil hour,
Afflict the wicked with Your hand.
The world will see Your might and faint,
While You protect the humble saint.

What God but You would pardon sin,
Redeem the remnant of Your church,
Cast anger out, bring kindness in,
And cast our guilt beyond all search?
With truth and love, Your ancient vow,
You keep Your remnant even now.

72. Passion Hymn

Jesus, weighed with sorrows deep,
Coax your lads from heavy sleep.
Some bright eye the watch should keep
On so dark an hour.
Trembling, sighing in Your fear,
Knowing that the time is near,
Pray that God the Father bear
Mitigating power:

"Father, now be glorified,
As I will be at Your side;
Even after I have died,
Glorify Your Son.
Let Your Word, the truth for all,
Sanctify whom You will call.
If You will, spare me this gall;
Yet Your will be done."

Crushed by all the guilt of man;
Sinless, yet for sin in pain;
Marked out by the Maker's plan,
Marked for sacrifice:
Blood falls from Your fevered brow,
Though Your angels help You now.
Mortal men can never know
How You pay their price.

Sold to enemies at arms
By the traitor's poisoned charms,
See with grief what gloom alarms
Jude, Your straying Lamb!
Yet, before the Lord of Hosts
Yields in peace to mortal foes,
They fall prostrate at the boast
That You are I AM.

First before the priests You stand,
Who already have a plan
How for all a single man
In their place may die.
Had they but the Scripture known,
They would hail You as the Son
Sent to die for everyone,
Life for all to buy!

By Your closest friends denied,
By false witnesses belied,
Scourged and mocked from every side
And in purple dressed,
Place to place in shackles led,
Thorny wreath upon Your head,
Even now how You have bled,
All for Pilate's jest!

Pilate asks, "Are You a king?"
"I rule not an earthly thing,
But to truth My subjects cling."
He sneers, "What is truth?"
Even Pilate, all along
Knowing you had done no wrong,
Says in terror of the throng,
"Treat him as you choose."

Not a single angel fought.
Not a loyal word was brought.
Can a stranger thing be thought?
God in such defeat!
As you lay aside your powers,
Facing death's most bitter glowers,
Can one find in such bleak hours
Victory complete?

What a fearful mystery:
Your defeat my victory!
In the battle fought for me
You, Lord, bled and died!
When in scorn Your people gazed
Where You hung, by woe amazed,
Though in shame for sin upraised,
You were glorified!
There are lots more. I really had a prolific few months in 1993. Too bad it wasn't married to more developed skills and judgment. Oh, well. That's what experience is for!

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