Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Checklist Progress

Further to yesterday's post about all the things I need to do to get moving on, er, moving...

Today I contacted the veterinarians in the community I am moving to and collected information about where I can board my cats, if I can't immediately find a place that will accept pets; whether they board pets, what it would cost, etc. Then I arranged to have my kitty's (Sinead) and puss's (Tyrone) vaccination records faxed to the place from their primary care vet.

I used the local ads classified "for rent" to look up the phone numbers of a couple of prospective landlords. Tried reaching one and left a voice mail at an office that is only open Thursdays and part of Friday. Called another and actually heard a busy signal for the first time in so many years that I could hardly believe my ears. On a cell phone, the sound effect comes with a cute little animation that I have never seen before.

I went to my apartment complex's leasing office and submitted a form announcing my intention to move out, effective at the end of the month. The bookkeeper gave me a tentative figure for the buyout on my lease and the kind of payment plan I could use to make it a little less ruinous. Reader, I'm four months into my current lease, but if I make the minimum payment each month I will still be paying off the buyout at this time next year.

Baby steps, and not very many of them, but there's only so much business you can accomplish at the end of a hard day's work... And my work so far this week has accomplished little more than to make me relish the new career path opening before me. God be praised!

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