Thursday, July 17, 2014

Moving Along...

Today's progress on moving houses...

I heard back from a prospective landlord, who said pets are not allowed in her properties. She then gave me the phone number for the Stover City Hall, where I persuaded a clerk to email me the city's landlord list. One of these two ladies was nice enough to observe that everybody in the world has been editor of the Stover paper in recent years, and nobody has lasted very long. That was really encouraging to hear, as I prepare to leave behind all I have known these past seven years and to start anew. Harrumph.

I visited Walmart and stocked up on packing boxes, tape, Sharpie markers, and some other urgently needed supplies as the two-week countdown to Moving Day continues to tick away.

On reaching home, I started calling landlords on the list sent me by city hall. The results:
  • Out of 7 landlords with multiple-unit properties:
    • Two had phone numbers that led to the good old error message starting with three ascending tones, followed by a recorded voice saying, "We're sorry. The number you dialed..."
    • Two numbers, including the alternate number for one of the out-of-service numbers above, went to voice mail. I left messages.
    • One landlord said no pets are allowed.
    • One landlord said they only have storage units available for now.
    • I skipped over two landlords, for now, because the names of their properties indicated that they deal in trailer homes—a last-resort option for me.
  • Out of 7 landlords representing multiple properties:
    • One number was out of service.
    • I left voice mails at two numbers.
    • Two landlords said all their properties are currently rented.
    • One lady had a house available that sounded just right, but she wasn't sure pets would be allowed. My parents are going to look at the place next week.
    • Another landlord said both of his properties may become available between August and October, and that pets are allowed; another promising lead.
  • Out of 5 landlords representing a single property each:
    • One number was out of service.
    • I left voice mails at two numbers.
    • There was absolutely no answer at one number.
    • One lady said they would allow outside pets only.
So there it stands for now. Two perhaps-maybe-possible landlords have been spotted. Several more have yet to return my call. And there are still two whom I haven't tried to reach yet (three, if you count the number whose line kept ringing). Not a totally encouraging day's work, but not a complete shutout either.

UPDATE: The lady whose line kept ringing without any answer, called back. She had seen my number on Caller ID and wanted to know what I was calling about. After a slightly confusing conversation, it transpired that her property has already been rented. Bummer.

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