Tuesday, December 17, 2013

42. On Mental Illness: A Hymn

God, who mourns with those who mourn,
Who has in Christ our weakness borne,
Command the storms of thought and will
Within Your servants: "Peace, be still!"
Lord, have mercy!

Lord, in our bitterness of heart,
We pray You, take the healer's part.
When life is dry and pleasure scant,
For your refreshing draft we pant:
Lord, have mercy!

When restless thoughts our souls employ,
Convict us of Your peace and joy;
Nor let us drown in darkness deep,
But hold our heads up as we weep.
Lord, have mercy!

Take pity on our pain of mind;
And though we worry, pray be kind.
Rebuke us not for feeling doubt,
While devils rage within, without.
Lord, have mercy!

Lord Jesus, cover with Your blood
The fractured mind, the antic mood;
Be medicine to heal the soul
That thirsts and hungers to be whole.
Lord, have mercy!

And though our road be long and sore,
Give us from Your unbounded store
The spirit-balm of sin forgiven,
The never-failing hope of heaven.
Lord, have mercy!

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