Thursday, September 5, 2013

Leave It Alone

And now for a stab at contemporary, secular song lyrics...

Seems like something in you died,
Like your joy, your peace, your pride.
Don't atone,
Leave it alone—
Couldn't manage if you tried.

You've been wounded to the bone,
But it's mending on its own.
One more touch
Won't help it much—
Might as well leave it alone.

Ask yourself what went awry—
Ask the how, the when, the why—
One look back
Along the track,
Brings afresh the blood, the sigh.

Till the pus begins to drain—
Till the bruise begins to wane—
If the ache
Keeps you awake,
That's all right, leave it alone.

Every pain that doesn't kill
May not strengthen you, but still
You survive—
Recede or thrive—
Let life use you as it will.

Door is closed and bird is flown.
Two together made this home.
Now that's done—
The time is come—
Time to leave—leave it alone.


RobbieFish said...

My initial reason for writing this was a desire to play with a double meaning of the phrase "leave it alone."

Cuda said...

Sounds like you've just gone through a divorce, which we both know isn't quite possible. Interesting poem.