Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grocery Shopping Whimsy

Sights seen, and thoughts thunk, while shopping at a multi-ethnic, discount-priced grocery store today...

This is FANCY Ketchup. If you want a condiment based on FACT, buy another brand.
This milk chocolate is FULL COOL.
So this is what...ROOM TEMPERATURE?
This sauerkraut is OLD FASHIONED. None of that HIGH-TECH SAUERKRAUT for us.
And it isn't only the Amish who say so.
Nope. I'm just speechless.
I actually decided to try this last one, because it was on clearance for $.29. It's the best chocolate-covered-banana-flavored candy bar I have tried so far. Skinny, curved like a banana, with a marshmallowy center, it's coated with the same kind of chocolate as those "jaffa" tea biscuits you may have tried... Quite weird, actually.

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