Sunday, July 21, 2013

35. Crucified God

Crucified God, my Righteousness,
Thine image on my life impress!
All shapes beside Thy holy Cross
I lightly prize, nor mourn their loss.

My self was crucified with Thee,
That from sin's corpse I might be free;
Raise me with Thee, and live within,
Lest I remain the slave of sin!

Offense to Jew, nonsense to Greek,
Christ crucified be all I speak!
Not in shrewd thoughts nor words of pride,
I know naught but Thee Crucified!

Like Thee in weakness, trembling, fear,
I bear Thee witness, Savior dear;
Nor proof nor pleading win the hour,
All resteth in Thy Spirit's power.

I have been crucified with Thee;
The life I live, Thou liv'st in me.
Thee will I serve with every breath,
As Thou didst serve me unto death.

By word and water crucified,
To fleshly passions I have died;
Now and through life's uneasy length,
Thy suff'ring shall be all my strength.

Nor shall I boast, save in the tree
Whereon in love Thou diedst for me.
I to the world, dear Christ, have died,
And it to me is crucified.

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