Monday, July 14, 2008

Tacky Hymns 3

The first time I saw this hymn, No. 446 in Evangelical Lutheran Worship, I couldn't believe my eyes. Unfortunately, I can now think of several pastors and congregations who, in my mind's eye and ear, can be credibly imagined singing this hymn. Credible or not, they look and sound goony doing it. It's a "Holy Baptism" hymn with words by Kenneth D. Larkin and a tune by the late Edward Bonnemère called (don't snicker now) WET SAINTS.

All right, snicker if you must.

Here are the words. You'll have to take my word for it that the music is equally hokey. The bracketed numerals indicate beats of rest in the voice part, while the accompaniment moseys along and the vocalist nods and winks at people in the audience.
I'm going on a journey, [3] and I'm starting today. [4]
My head is wet, [4] and I'm on my way. [4]
Christ's mark is on me; [4] it's on you, too; [4]
It says he loves me, [4] and he loves you, too! [4]

I'm becoming this day [etc.] a saint of God.
It really doesn't matter what roads I trod.
Wherever I go, God's been there, too.
God's love has touched me and will carry me through.

There are other saints who have said amen.
They'll keep me faithful to my journey's end.
Along the way I want to be
The kind of person that God set free.
Thank you. I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waiter!

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