Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horse Tale

I had paused on my way home from work for a pork tenderloin sandwich at Dave & Jacquie's in Defiance, MO - a small-town pub that knows a thing or two about pork tenderloin sandwiches - when I overheard the following confession, related in a loud voice by someone in the bar-room:

"The last time I rode a horse, I almost got killed."

"You don't say."

"It's true. The ornery thing threw me and kept right on going, with my foot caught in the stirrup - "

"That'll do for you, all right."

" - And I had just about given myself up when the manager came out of the Wal-Mart and pulled the plug."

Then, more loudly, over the groans and laughter: "That there was a quarterhorse. And I asked for my quarter back!"

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