Friday, September 28, 2007

Sick & Tired

I'm still sick. I did take Wednesday off from work, went to my doctor, got a prescription for a nice strong nasal decongestant. I believe sleep is the best medicine, but it's hard to get to sleep when your airway is so restricted that your nose makes a sound like a duck quacking.

I went back to work on Thursday, even though I had just found out (too late) that my doctor's miracle drug had its own way of preventing sleep. Nobody at the doctor's office or the pharmacy told me this - just "take each pill with a full glass of water" - I didn't get the news until the wee hours of Thursday morning, when I went to Walgreen's to buy Breathe-Right strips and the pharmacist there gave me the news. So I have to make sure I take both daily doses of this wonder-drug before about 4 p.m. So I wonder whether it's actually doing anything to help me sleep at night!

I have a new nightly routine now. I take a swig of Robitussin because, darn it, the phlegm finally did drip down into my chest. I snort a saline solution into each nostril (also on the advice of the Walgreen's pharmacist). I wash and dry the outside of my nose and stick a breathe-right strip on it. And I think happy thoughts about how much better I feel than I did on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the day I float along on a Pseudovent buzz, suck sugar-free cough drops, and drink lots of V8.

I'm letting the Kleenex drop where it will, & it's beginning to form drifts up the walls of my apartment. I'm interested to see how deep it gets before my nasal crisis settles down.

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