Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sick Day...Not

Yesterday I started to get sick. Headache, hot and cold running mucus, a bit of swelling under the tongue. I got through my afternoon commitments by carrying a box of Puffs with me everywhere. Felt lousy. Went to bed, got out of bed to try a different medication, went back to bed, slept two hours, got up again to use the bathroom, and repeat, all night.

When my alarm went off this morning I was SORELY tempted to call in to work and plead sickness. In fact, I really should have; I probably made everyone at work sick today. But I had a disk that someone urgently needed, so I had to get my sorry keister going somehow. With the two-hour (round trip) commute, there was no point in dropping off the disk and heading back to bed. I just had to find a full day's work in me somewhere.

Well, thank God, I did find it. But I also found an intestinal complication that added to my martyrdom. Plus, my throat was scratchy after swallowing nasal drainage half the night (the half that I actually slept), adding an occasional cough that did nothing to help the headache. Nevertheless I worked productively and kept food down. But I thought often about my lonely pillow, pining to have my head laid on it.

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