Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Spewtiful Tackiness

The latest from the ELCA church sign near my house:


...yet another opportunistic message, coming at a time when the daily high temperature is near or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

I suppose, if one wanted to look for a theological significance to this sentiment, one could compare it to "Lex orandi lex credendi" (roughly, "As we pray, so we believe," or "Our beliefs are conditioned by our worship life"). I also suspect that anyone pondering this idea would be very discouraged by the beliefs he saw being acted out in said ELCA church's worship life. Of course, I might be dead wrong. But I have a vivid imagination, informed by a certain amount of experience with these things. And when my imagination takes hold of the tackiness of this congregation's "lighted sign outreach ministry," it can't help but conjure gruesome worship scenarios to go with it.

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Norman Teigen said...

This is tacky, real tacky. The WELS has for years had this advertising slogan: Come to the WELS. The bumper sticker shows an old style well. That's tacky, too.