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Keep Up with Book Series (Part 3)

Taking the authors whose books I have reviewed in the past in ABC order by last name, my current tally of series of books that I am in the middle of reading stands at almost 90 - an I have only gotten through the D's. Shall we go on?

| E |

Paul England
  • Favorite Operas series: I have the volume on German and Russian composers, but I haven't read all of it yet.

Steve Englehart
  • Max August series: I wasn't aware before now that Point Man was only the first of four "magikal thrillers" featuring the same main character. The other three are The Long Man, The Plain Man, and The Arena Man, and were written about 30 years later than the original book.
Michael Ende
  • No particular series: I've loved the two books I have read by this German author, who died in 1995. I would be interested in reading some of his other books, which (in translation) include The Dream Eater, Mirror in the Mirror, and The Night of Wishes.

Eleanor Estes
  • Moffats series: I have reviewed two of the four books about this family. The other two are Rufus M and The Moffat Museum.

| F |

John Fardell
  • Seven Professors series: The 7 Professors of the Far North has two sequels: The Flight of the Silver Turtle and The Secret of the Black Moon Moth.

Nancy Farmer
  • House of the Scorpion series: The original book has a sequel, The Lord of Opium.
  • Sea of Trolls series: The original book has two sequels: The Land of the Silver Apples and The Islands of the Blessed.

Raymond E. Feist
  • Riftwar saga: Magician, the only book I have read by this author, counts as the first two books of this six-book series. The next installment is Silverthorn.

Jasper Fforde
  • Chronicles of Kazam: The Last Dragonslayer has two sequels that I haven't read: The Song of the Quarkbeast and The Eye of Zoltar. I have been checking regularly for updates on this author's other series, but nothing new has appeared for a while.

Victoria Forester
  • Further to The Girl Who Could Fly, which I loved, there is now a sequel titled The Boy Who Knew Everything.

| G |

Diana Gabaldon
  • Outlander series: If I was going to continue reading this extensive series (which Fantastic Fiction, again, numbers in a confusing way), the next book for me would be Dragonfly in Amber.

Jack Gantos
  • Joey Pigza series: I only read the first two of five books. The others are What Would Joey Do?, I Am Not Joey Pigza, and The Key That Swallowed Joey Pigza.

Neil Gaiman
  • Interworld series (co-authored with Michael Reaves): Book 2 is The Silver Dream, and Book 3 (also co-authored by Mallory Reaves) is Eternity's Wheel.

Jean Craighead George
  • Julie series: The Newbery Medal book Julie of the Wolves was the start of a trilogy. Who knew? Books 2 and 3 are Julie and Julie's Wolf Pack. There is also a possibility I may read the same author's four-book series that starts with My Side of the Mountain.

Adam Gidwitz
  • Grimm series: In the series that started with A Tale Dark and Grimm, Books 2 and 3 are In a Glass Grimmly and The Grimm Conclusion.

Cassandra Golds
  • No paticular series: I have only read one book by this author, but descriptions of her other books reveal a very strange and gentle creative mind. I would like to explore it further, starting perhaps with The Three Loves of Persimmon. Note to self: Be careful how you spell this author's name when searching the internet. There's also a "Cassandra Gold" who writes gay erotica featuring werewolves and psychic phenomena!

Terry Goodkind
  • Sword of Truth series: I only had to read the first book (Wizard's First Rule) of this 15- to 17-book series to realize that I wasn't interested in reading further. If I was, the next book for me would be Stone of Tears.

Delores Gordon-Smith
  • Jack Haldean Mysteries: I've only read the ninth and latest book in this series. So to continue, I would have to go back to Book 1, A Fete Worse Than Death. That's not a typo.

Adam Gopnik
  • No particular series: But after reading The King in the Window, I am interested in his other novel, The Steps Across the Water.

Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams
  • Tunnels series: I have only read the first installment in this six-book series. I think I own a copy of Book 2, Deeper.

Chris Grabenstein
  • Mr. Lemoncello series: I have yet to read Book 2, Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics.

Holly Grant
  • League of Beastly Dreadfuls series: Book 2 is The Dastardly Deed.

Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith
  • Vampire Empire series: I have read only the first book of the current four, but I look forward to Book 2: The Rift Walker.

Lev Grossman
  • Magicians trilogy: I have yet to read Book 3, The Magician's Land.

| H |

Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Palace series: Just Ella turns out to be the first book of a trilogy. Its sequels are Palace of Mirrors and Palace of Lies.

H. Rider Haggard
  • Allan Quartermain series: King Solomon's Mines, so far the only book I have read by this author, was in fact the first installment in a series of 14 books featuring the "great white hunter." Book 2 is called simply Allan Quartermain.

Shannon Hale
  • Books of Bayern: I haven't yet read Book 4, Forest Born.
  • Princess Academy trilogy: I have yet to read Books 2 and 3, Palace of Stone and The Forgotten Sisters.

Victoria Hanley
  • I have read The Seer and the Sword, but not its sequel, The Healer's Keep.

Deborah Harkness
  • All Souls Trilogy: I have yet to read Book 3, The Book of Life.

George Harrar
  • No particular series: I just noticed the list of books this guy has written, and their descriptions look pretty interesting. Where have his books been hiding?

Mette Ivie Harrison
  • Princess series: I just learned The Princess and the Hound has four sequels, beginning with The Princess and the Bear.

Michelle Harrison
  • 13 Treasures series: Book 3 is 13 Secrets.

Markus Heitz
  • Dwarves quartet: Book 3 is The Revenge of the Dwarves.

Joseph Helgerson
  • No particular series: Horns and Wrinkles was fun. I might also enjoy Crows and Cards.

Joseph Heller
  • Catch-22 series: Catch-22 has a sequel I still haven't read: Closing Time.

Carl Hiaasen
  • Juvenile series: Hoot has three sequels I haven't read. The first among them is Flush.

Michael Hiebert
  • Detective Leah Teal series: I have only read the first of so far four books in this series. Next up for me is Close to the Broken Hearted.

Michael Hoeye
  • Hermux Tantamoq series: I have read only two of the four books in this series. Book 3 is No Time Like Show Time.

Mary Hoffman
  • Stravaganza series: I have read only three of the six books in this series. Book 4 is City of Secrets.

Charlie Holmberg
  • Paper Magician trilogy: Since I read the first book, I have been trying to find the other two; but again, not even Inter-Library Loan seems able to find them. Books 2 and 3 are The Glass Magician and The Master Magician.

Tom Holt
  • J.W. Wells & Co. series: Unfortunately, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages, which is the only book I have read in this seven-book series, was also its last book. To catch up, I'll have to go back to Book 1, The Portable Door.
  • YouSpace series: I inadvertently read Books 1 (Doughnut) and 3 (The Outsourcerer's Apprentice of this four-book series. Books 2 and 4 are, respectively, When It's a Jar and The Good, the Bad and the Smug.

E.W. Hornung
  • Raffles series: I thought I had read this whole series, but there's a fourth book I seem to have forgotten about: Mr. Justice Raffles.

Anthony Horowitz
  • Alex Rider series: I have read only the first seven of so far 10 books in this teen spy thriller series. Book 8 is Crocodile Tears.
  • Diamond Brothers series: I have only read the first three novels about this crime-solving duo. It turns out there are four more book-length mysteries, starting with Book 4: The French Confection. There are also several sets of short stories, one of which I already have on my shelf: Three of Diamonds.
  • Sherlock Holmes novels: Horowitz has been tapped to continue Conan Doyle's Holmes canon. I have read his first novel in this new series (The House of Silk, but not the short story The Three Monarchs, or the related book Moriarty.

Polly Horvath
  • Coal Harbor series: There's a sequel to Everything on a Waffle that I haven't read yet, titled One Year in Coal Harbor.

John Hulme & Michael Wexler
  • The Seems series: Book 3 is The Lost Train of Thought.

Aldous Huxley
  • Did you know there's such a thing as Brave New World Revisited? I would be more interested if anyone ever talked about it.

| I |

Eva Ibbotson
  • No particular series: This author had two parallel careers - the one, writing goofy ghost stories for children, and the other, writing young-adult romances set in approximately the historical period of World War II. I've read most of the former and a couple of the latter, but there remain some of each that I have not yet read, including The Ogre of Oglefort.

David Ives
  • No particular series: Mostly a playwright, Ives has also penned three books for kids, of which I have read only Monsieur Eek. I am most interested in trying Scrib.

That should do for Part 3. "J" is another big letter, I seem to recall, and "H" was big enough!

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