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Useful Hymns: Contents

So it's all over but some final touches, and obtaining permission to reprint two copyrighted texts: I have reached my goal for a super-sized, second edition of my book of (mainly) original hymns, with a few translations and whatnot. Here is a list of the hymns by title, numbered in the order they will appear in the book (not according to their numbering in this blog). In a later post, I will hurl some indices at you, as a taster of what's inside - in case this blog hasn't already completely spoiled it.

USEFUL HYMNS for Worship, Prayer, and Instruction in the Lutheran Home, School, or Church


1. Hymn for Christ-Centered Hymnody
2. Hymn for a Replenished Prayer Life
3. Advent Hymn
4. Christmas Season Hymn
5. Passion Hymn
6. Nativity Hymn
7. Christmas Hymn for the Unborn
8. Circumcision and Name of Jesus
9. Epiphany Hymn
10. Baptism of Jesus
11. Conversion of St. Paul
12. Presentation of Jesus
13. Fasting Hymn (Ash Wednesday)
14. Passover Hymn
15. Annunciation Hymn
16. Holy Week Hymn
17. Maundy Thursday Hymn
18. Ascension Hymn
19. Visitation Hymn
20. Reformation Hymn (1)
21. Reformation Hymn (2)
22. All Saints Hymn
23. Thanksgiving Hymn (or 14th Sunday after Trinity)
24. Commemoration Hymn
25. Hymn for the 1st Sunday in Advent
26. Hymn for the 2nd Sunday in Advent
27. Gaudete Hymn (3rd Sunday in Advent)
28. Hymn for the 4th Sunday in Advent
29. Sunday After Christmas Hymn
30. Sunday After New Year Hymn
31. Christ Among the Doctors (1st Sunday after Epiphany)
32. Cana Hymn (2nd Sunday after Epiphany)
33. A Double Miracle (3rd Sunday after Epiphany)
34. Storm Hymn (4th Sunday after Epiphany)
35. Tares Hymn (5th Sunday after Epiphany)
36. Transfiguration Hymn (Last Sunday after Epiphany)
37. Septuagesima Hymn
38. Sower Hymn (Sexagesima Sunday)
39. Agape Hymn (Quinquagesima Sunday)
40. Hymn for Invocavit (1st Sunday in Lent)
41. Reminiscere Hymn (2nd Sunday in Lent)
42. Oculi Hymn (3rd Sunday in Lent)
43. Feeding the Five Thousand (Laetare, 4th Sunday in Lent)
44. Judica Hymn (5th Sunday in Lent)
45. Palm Sunday Hymn
46. Easter Hymn
47. Quasimodogeniti Hymn (1st Sunday after Easter)
48. Misericordias Domini Hymn (2nd Sunday after Easter)
49. Jubilate Hymn (3rd Sunday after Easter)
50. Cantate Hymn (4th Sunday after Easter)
51. Rogate Hymn (5th Sunday after Easter)
52. Exaudi Hymn (Sunday after Ascension)
53. Pentecost Hymn
54. Trinity Hymn (1)
55. Trinity Hymn (2)
56. Lazarus Hymn (1st Sunday after Trinity)
57. Feast of Love Hymn (2nd Sunday after Trinity)
58. Finding the Lost (3rd Sunday after Trinity)
59. Judging Rightly (4th Sunday after Trinity)
60. Fishers of Men Hymn (5th Sunday after Trinity)
61. Righteousness in Christ (6th Sunday after Trinity)
62. Feeding the Four Thousand (7th Sunday after Trinity)
63. Against False Prophets (8th Sunday after Trinity)
64. Stewards of the Word (9th Sunday after Trinity)
65. Spiritual Gifts Hymn (10th Sunday after Trinity)
66. Pharisee and Publican (11th Sunday after Trinity)
67. Ephphatha Hymn (12th Sunday after Trinity)
68. Good Samaritan Hymn (13th Sunday after Trinity)
69. Fruit of the Spirit (14th Sunday after Trinity)
70. Worry Hymn (15th Sunday after Trinity)
71. Nain Hymn (16th Sunday after Trinity)
72. Hymn for Humility (17th Sunday after Trinity)
73. Psalm 122 Hymn (18th Sunday after Trinity)
74. Paralytic Hymn (19th Sunday after Trinity)
75. Feast of Justification (20th Sunday after Trinity)
76. Healing the Official’s Son (21st Sunday after Trinity)
77. Hymn for a Forgiving Heart (22nd Sunday after Trinity)
78. Vocation Hymn (23rd Sunday after Trinity)
79. Help in Affliction (24th Sunday after Trinity)
80. Last Days Hymn (25th Sunday after Trinity)
81. Sheep and Goats (26th Sunday after Trinity)
82. Wise and Foolish Virgins (27th Sunday after Trinity)
83. Hymn to Enter
84. Te Deum Hymn
85. Magnificat Hymn
86. Nunc Dimittis Hymn
87. Hymn to Depart
88. First Commandment Hymn
89. Second Commandment Hymn
90. Third Commandment Hymn
91. Fourth Commandment Hymn
92. Fifth Commandment Hymn
93. Sixth Commandment Hymn
94. Seventh Commandment Hymn
95. Eighth Commandment Hymn
96. Ninth Commandment Hymn
97. Tenth Commandment Hymn
98. Athanasian Creed Hymn
99. Lord’s Prayer Hymn
100. Morning and Evening Prayers
101. Baptism Hymn
102. An Anatomy of Penitence (Confession and Absolution)
103. Confession Hymn
104. Presence Hymn (Sacrament of the Altar)
105. Lord’s Supper Hymn (2)
106. Lord’s Supper Hymn (3)
107. On the Efficacy of God’s Word
108. Word Hymn
109. Law and Gospel Hymn
110. Sacraments Hymn
111. On Worship: A Hymn
112. Sola Gratia Hymn
113. Inspiration Hymn
114. Creation Hymn
115. The Royal Wedding Feast
116. Inheritance Hymn
117. Prophet, Priest and King
118. Job 3:20-26 Hymn
119. Exsurgat Deus (Psalm 68)
120. Venite, Exultemus (Psalm 95)
121. Dilexi Quoniam (Psalm 116)
122. Confitemini Domino (Psalm 118)
123. Proverbs 30:5 Hymn
124. Isaiah 55 Hymn
125. Micah 7 Hymn
126. On John’s “I Am” Christology
127. Scandal of the Cross Hymn
128. Remnant Hymn
129. Mission Statement
130. The Confessional Church
131. Hymn for the Word of Life (The Holy Ministry)
132. Citadel Hymn
133. Stewardship Hymn
134. Pastoral Call Hymn
135. Wedding Hymn
136. The Child in Christ
137. Noah Hymn (A Type of Baptism)
138. Abraham Hymn (For Justifying Faith)
139. Jacob Hymn (Wrestling with God)
140. Joseph Hymn (Blessing Through Affliction)
141. Moses Hymn (Strength in Weakness)
142. Joshua Hymn (For a Devout Heart)
143. David Hymn (The Gift of Penitence)
144. Elijah Hymn (Strength for Faithful Ministry)
145. Elisha Hymn (Trusting God’s Means)
146. Isaiah Hymn (For Christ-Centered Ministry)
147. Daniel Hymn (For Faithful Testimony)
148. Minor Prophets Hymn (Warning and Promise)
149. Four Evangelists Hymn (Power of the Gospel)
150. Twelve Apostles Hymn (For the Apostolic Faith)
151. Women of the Faith
152. Timothy Hymn (For Faithful Youth)
153. Onesimus & Philemon (Honor in Humble Service)
154. Seven Churches of the Apocalypse (For Perseverance)
155. Hymn for Evening or Dying
156. Burial Hymn (1)
157. Burial Hymn (2)
158. Burial Hymn (3)
159. Burial Hymn (4)
160. Burial of One Whose Spiritual Condition Is Unknown
161. Hymn of Grief
162. Hymn for Stronger Faith
163. Prayer Hymn
164. Hymn for Patience
165. Cross-Bearing Hymn
166. Hymn in the Hour of Temptation
167. Hymn for the Struggle Against Sin
168. Hymn of Hunger and Thirst for the Sacrament
169. Humiliation Hymn
170. Cleansing Hymn
171. Pruning Hymn
172. Amen Hymn
173. Freedom Song
174. Sign or Norm
175. Grafting Hymn (1)
176. Grafting Hymn (2)
177. Hymn for Spiritual Warfare
178. Hymn for the Mediation of Christ
179. Hymn for the Second Coming of Christ
180. Stewardship Hymn
181. Angels of the Lord Hymn
182. Farewell Hymn
183. In the World, but Not of the World
184. A Confession of Faith
185. Psalm of a Sinner-Saint
186. Disaster Hymn
187. Journey Hymn
188. Agriculture Hymn
189. Labor Hymn
190. Mental Illness Hymn
191. Disability Hymn
192. For the Body Politic
193. Intercession for the Sick
194. For the Despised and Rejected
195. For Troubled Families
196. For Healing of Division
197. For Courage
198. For a Cheerful Heart
199. Opening and Closing of Preschool
200. Baptismal Birthday Song
201. Table Grace Hymn
TRANSLATED HYMNS [My translations of other authors' hymns]
202. Weisse’s Advent Hymn
203. Weisse’s Hymn to the Incarnation
204. A German Christmas Cradle-Song
205. A Latin-German Christmas Carol
206. Gerhardt’s Christmas Hymn
207. Sacer’s Christmas Hymn
208. Luther’s Easter Hymn
209. Luther’s Paraphrase of Psalm 14
210. Alber’s Hymn for the Coming Judgment
ORIGINAL TUNES TO EXISTING HYMNS [My tunes to other authors' hymns]
211. Grundtvig’s Christmas Carol
212. Wilbur’s Christmas Hymn
213. Gerhardt’s Resurrection Hymn
214. Matthew Carver’s Pentecost Hymn
215. Franzmann’s Hymn for the 2nd Sunday after Trinity
216. Alan Kornacki’s Hymn for the 5th Sunday after Trinity
217. Mark Preus’s Hymn for the 14th Sunday after Trinity
218. Mark Preus’s Hymn for the 15th Sunday after Trinity
219. Mark Preus’s Hymn for Synodical Delegates
220. Grundtvig’s Anointing at Bethany Hymn
221. Matthew Carver’s House on the Rock Hymn
222. David Rosenkoetter’s Baptism Hymn

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