Wednesday, February 3, 2016

185. Hymn for a Cheerful Heart

Here is another hymn I am farming out to my hymn-writing friends to supply it an original tune. I wrote it with one of my own tunes in mind, but I've already over-used that tune, so an infusion of fresh melody is in order. Plus, I think something is needed to lighten up the tone of the planned hymn-book a bit... but just a bit. EDIT: Composer Robert S. Potterton III furnished a lovely original tune titled DUNCANNON for this hymn. While he also took the trouble of harmonizing it, immediately on hearing it I wrote two different keyboard arrangements for it. I hope he takes that as a compliment!
Dear Lord, whose presence fills the heart with joy,
Give us the gift no trouble can destroy:
To know Your promises with pleasure keen;
To grasp by faith the kingdom not yet seen!

A broken heart You, God, will not despise;
Yet lest our bones grow dry, lift up our eyes!
Grant us the fruit Your Spirit can impart:
To taste that healing draft, a cheerful heart!

To bring us joy, O Christ, you gave your word;
That it may be complete, let it be heard!
As You blessed merry Cana with good wine,
In what You bid us drink, let gladness shine!

Poured out for us, You drank the cup of woe,
That all who taste Your cup Your death might show;
And so as we Your cross and nailmarks bear,
Let us as well Your Easter triumph share!

Though past may haunt and present may annoy,
Sustain in us the hope of future joy
That, grasping even now the life to come,
We might with joy draw near our heav’nly home!

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