Saturday, September 19, 2015

133. Hymn for the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

The historic propers for the mass of the Third Sunday after Epiphany are generally heard only when Easter falls on or after April 8. But then one could hear the same Introit and Gradual on the Fourth and Fifth Sundays after Epiphany. So the most notable features of this particular mass are its Epistle, from Romans 12:16 beginning at the words "Be not wise in your own conceits" to the end of the chapter, and its Gospel, the healing of a leper and a centurion's servant in Matthew 8:1-13. The unusually structured tune is ICH WOLLT, DAß ICH DAHEIME WÄR from Strasbourg, 1430.
Your will, Christ, made the leper clean;
Let now sin-cleansing grace be seen!

You heard the unclean’s humble plea;
Now also lend Your ear to me!

In sending him to tell a priest,
You kept God’s precepts to the least.

Yet Your word showed the pow’r to save
When it restored the soldier’s slave.

The one sign showed Your mighty will:
Not to abolish, but fulfill.

The other showed how You conferred
Your power and presence to Your word.

Since You kept all the Law for me,
Pronounce the word that sets me free.

Lest I appeal to You in vain,
Remove sin’s blemish, rot and stain!

Send ministers with message pure
To speak Your pardon full and sure!

Enroll me as Your own through faith;
Engrave on me Your holy death!

Dear Shepherd, feed me on Your best;
Call me to share Your holy rest!

When dawns at last Your glorious day,
Restore my flesh to life, I pray!

Restore and judge me, Christ, by grace;
Grant me the bliss to view Your face.

Now while that blessing I await,
I will declare Your glory great!

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