Saturday, August 15, 2015

129. Sunday After Christmas Hymn

Moving along with my "hymns for every Sunday of the church year" project, here's one for the Sunday after Christmas. One of the historic introits for the day comprises verses 5, 2, and 1 (in that order) of Psalm 95; another option replaces verse 5 and 2 with a non-biblical text. The Gradual is Psalm 45 verses 2 and 1 (in that order) followed by Psalm 95:1. The Epistle is Galatians 4:1-7 and the Gospel is Luke 2:33-40. And this time I'm actually going to go with the tune O CHRISTE, MORGENSONNE that I originally mated with my Advent 4 hymn.
Rejoice, O holy city
Built by the Lord's strong hand;
For now, behold! Redemption
Has come into the land,
So longed-for and long planned.

Lo, in the time perfected
God sent His maid-born Son;
Born under Law, that sinners
Might from its curse be won
And as God's heirs be known.

He came, the Child appointed,
A sign to be opposed:
Raised up and cast down many,
Men's secret thoughts exposed,
Yet richer grace disclosed.

For even His pure mother
Would be pierced by the sword
That judges soul and spirit:
The wounding, healing word
Of Christ, our living Lord.

O Lord, sure is Your witness;
Your throne bestrides the earth.
You are from everlasting,
And glory clothes Your girth;
Can we but praise Your birth?

You, who wear strength and vastness,
Became so weak and small!
When all was still at midnight,
You came down, Light of all,
To cries and rags and stall.

You, Lord, for us descended
Our fortunes to reverse:
Gave over realms of blessing,
Was made for us a curse,
Salvation to disburse.

This confidence had Simeon
When to God's house You came,
O Son of God; and Anna
Believed and saw the same.
With them we praise Your name.

For peace and joy unending
We thank Your infant tears,
For bringing us salvation
From all our foes and fears,
And for the faithful seers.

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