Monday, July 20, 2015

122. Agriculture Hymn

As usual, I came up with Too Many Stanzas. Oh, well! It was just such a, ahem, fertile field of inspiration! On the other hand, I'm sure somebody will object that I missed an important branch of agriculture - but how long does this hymn really need to be?

O God, whose word like living seed
First broke creation's virgin soil,
It is a little thing indeed
That You should bless the farmer's toil.

You who move mountains by Your hand
And crush the stony heart to dust,
Give unto those who break the land
Both fruitful toil and restful trust!

Give unto those who till and sow
The strength of hope and patience sure!
Come flood or famine, hail or snow,
You yet will bless all who endure.

As You, Lord, sometimes blend with pain
The lessons leading us to light,
Those who the growth must prune and train
Make wise to judge its limits right!

When You, Lord, cleanse the hearts of men,
Their darkest stains show bright and clean;
How will You then forgo to send
The rain that keeps the croplands green?

Encourage us when weed takes root,
When field is rank with rot and pest;
For though we yielded bitter fruit,
You, Lord, forgave and promised rest.

You sent a Bread made without hands,
Life-giving, living, from above;
So let the bread raised from our lands
Reflect Your sacrificial Love!

You sent, O Lord, a living Vine
In whom as branches we are spliced;
So in our grafting and our wine
Remind us that we are in Christ!

From things that captivate and damn,
O Lord, You saved Your straying sheep;
Let us recall this with each lamb
We lead to pasture, watch and keep!

We find in Your pure word, O Lord,
A milk to nourish heart and soul;
So may there also here be poured
The milk that keeps our bodies whole!

Our flax and wool, our fowl and egg,
Choice meat, plump grain and sweetest comb
Come all from You, and so we beg,
Uphold us till our harvest-home!

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