Sunday, March 8, 2015

104. Hymn for a Stronger Faith

My Dad suggested this topic for a hymn, saying that he has felt a lack of prayers in this area. I suggest that it be sung to the tune MEIN SCHÖPFER, STEH MIR BEI by F. H. Meyer, 1740. Among the Bible references worked into this hymn is Jesus' response to the apostles' prayer in Luke 17:5, "Increase our faith!"

O Lord, increase our faith,
And by it shield our hearts
That we may staunchly face
The tempter's fiery darts.
Were hosts against us mustered,
We then should not be flustered;
Were woes around us clustered
Like bees, a grain like mustard
Of faith would see us through the strife.
So be it, Lord of life!

Hear, Lord! Though we are weak,
We trust Your mighty acts.
A bruised reed do not break,
Nor quench a smoking flax!
Of faith give us a measure,
That we may grasp Your treasure;
Be now our heart's Refresher
To bear life's toil and pressure.
Through Your word read, proclaimed and served
Let us again be nerved!

We are unworthy slaves
Who little profit yield;
You, Lord, are He who saves,
Our Fortress and our Shield.
Stand by us; make us stronger
To watch a little longer!
For You we thirst and hunger;
Through You we more than conquer.
Keep us steadfast through life and death;
O Lord, increase our faith!

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