Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Purpose for Everything

Fathers fath. Mothers moth.
Sisters sist. Brothers broth.
Scissors scis. Hammers ham.
Winters wint. Grammars gram.

Summers sum. Nutters nut.
Gofers gofe. Butters but.
Fodders fod. Liters lit,
As do litters. Miters mit.

Rashers rash. Bangers bang.
Daughters daught. Hangars hang.
Washers wash. Colors col.
Flavors flav. Molars mol.

Pillars pill. Collars coll.
Valors val. Hollers holl.
Fellers fell. Wickers wick.
Plovers plove. Knickers knick.

Spiders spide. Tankers tank.
Pincers pince. Hankers hank.
Misers mise. Geezers geeze.
Duffers duff. Tweezers tweeze.

Louvers louve. Ewers ewe.
Neuters neut. Sewers sewe.
Horrors hor. Platters plat.
Fritters frit. Matters mat.

Censors cens. Honors hon.
Liquors lique. Goners gon.
Hoppers hop. Jiggers jig.
Masters mast. Triggers trig.

Happy are they whose very name
Conveys the purpose of the same.
They that a final "er" should need,
Thus have a happy end indeed!

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