Tuesday, October 8, 2013

38. On Worship: A Hymn

Dear Father, bless this holy space;
Be present with Thy boundless grace.
Fill all our conduct in this place
With rev'rence, as due Thine own face.
Cast out all things impure and base;
What boons we to Thy bounty trace
We here return to Thee.

Dear Christ, redeem this holy time:
It is not ours, but ever Thine.
Hour, season, year, old age or prime,
Thou givest us in love divine.
From Thine eternity sublime
Come now, into this moment shine,
That we may live to Thee.

Dear Spirit, charge Thy holy Word
With pow'r surpassing noun or verb.
We, speaking back what we have heard,
Rejoice with confidence superb.
May prayerful hearts to praise be stirred;
The enemy's false banter curb,
Till all true hearts agree.

Washed by Thy washing, we are clean;
Clothed in Thy righteousness, we gleam;
With Thy Word planted, faith we glean;
In Thy bless'd bread and wine we deem
Thy flesh and blood a rich cuisine.
We trust, whate'er a thing may seem,
What Thou hast said to be.

Rebuked, we would repent and live;
Our prideful boast we humbly waive.
Forgiven, Lord, we would forgive;
'Tis Thine alone to kill and save.
Thy service is what Thou dost give,
Thou Lord of all, of all the slave;
Thus served, we dare serve Thee.

Dear Triune God, enthroned on High,
Our guardian hosts Thy glory view:
Grant that a kind and careful eye
Regard all that the faithful do.
In all our striving, we but try
To praise what Thou, so just and true,
Hast done for such as we.

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