Thursday, October 9, 2008


The last couple of days have seen a couple of changes. Most recently, I changed cell phones - different manufacturer, different provider, different phone number that I still can't remember. This was after turning in my old cell phone to the office of the organization I no longer work for. Which brings me to another change: my employment status. I am now officially in search of a job. I am full of positive feelings and confidence, but all the same... your prayers are appreciated.

Where will I begin? I will begin by touching up my resume, brainstorming about the types of positions I should pursue and doing research on where to pursue them, arranging for an overdue interview with someone at a local college about how to go about getting certified for one of the jobs I have in mind, and hopefully soon writing and sending out cover letters over my resume. Meanwhile, I won't have the long commute any more, so I'll be spending more hours at home - hours in which I can move ahead faster on several creative projects that have been creeping along at low speed for the last age.

I can think of many ways in which this change will be a blessing, at least in the short run. I have always taken pride in doing good work, and in the confidence and value those I worked for have placed in my ability and my work. I look forward to feeling that sense of confidence and value again. I look forward to a fresh start.

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